Real Life – Keeping it Classy

Exhibit A: A new cleaning lady left me a surprise. I wish I would of taken a photo of the original because she had taped it with a neck brace (I guess hoping I wouldn’t notice?). Instead of being mad, I found it incredibly funny and it gave me a chance to get all crafty. 

Exhibit B: I bought a punch bowl. I don’t even have a mixer and have never made punch, but apparently I rationalized the purchase of a punch bowl, complete with cups. I had my mixology lesson with the fabulous Benjamin Newby and we created a beautiful celebration punch for my girls night.

That mixture would be a whole bottle of vodka that we infused with strawberries, lemons, limes, oranges, and ginger overnight. The next step was to strain the infusion. I got out my tool box and secured that baby with painter’s tape. File that move under “crafty”.

I ordered the punch bowl on Amazon Prime and it arrived the morning of the party and I quickly unpacked it and washed it out. When it came time to serve the punch, I decided a soup ladle was the best solution. The next morning, I looked at the picture and it didn’t look right. Luckily I had the box in my hallway and dug around in the packaging and found a matching ladle to the set. My mind has been wondering what I would of done if I had already thrown out the box? Would I of gone to the dumpster and looked for the box? Would I written it off?  Now I need an occasion to make punch again and show off my ladle.

A couple people have asked why I don’t post outfits more often.

Exhibit C:

I waver on both ends of the spectrum. I am either in workout clothes or a little dressed up. The middle is grey area. Flats, jeans, t-shirt? I don’t really have that capacity. I also have no idea about trends and I stick to what I know. 

Kitchen item you want, but realize it may not be the most practical? I am also really lusting after a Soda Stream. 

Kitchen item you have that you never use? Meat tenderizer, egg poacher

  • Maggie

    I “inherited” a sodastream from my sis-in-law and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I use it almost daily. I used to buy cases and cases of cans of seltzer water (and mix it with juice or squeeze a lime) and I feel like this thing would pay for itself quickly. Excpet … I got it for free when I sold her my car. WINNING.

    I also never use my egg poacher. I assume it’s in the box that’ll go to Goodwill eventually.

  • Katie W

    BUY THE SODA STREAM NOW!!! I have had mine for 4+ years, total game changer. I use very little of the syrups, most are kinda gross and full of chmicals (althought I do love the diet pink grapefruit once in awhile) go for fresh citrus instead.