The Best of the Newbies

Just a little round up of some of the new products I’ve tried and given a thumbs up. 
Influenster sent me a little Sargento Cheese VoxBox with a string cheese koozie. Yes, you read that right…a little tiny koozie for keeping your string cheese chilled. My friend Annette immediately wanted to change the official hashtag from #ChooseSargento to #cheesetoohot . I have actually been using the koozie and it is great. I used to really be into string cheese when I was in college, but I forgot about it for the last couple of years. It is actually a great snack that isn’t carb-y and actually satisfies hunger. I also like the action of peeling the strings. For some reason this makes it feel like a more filling snack. 
String cheese koozie. What will they think of next?
I forgot where I got this pea protein powder sample. Maybe a Bulu box? Anyways, it has been sitting in my pantry for at least 4 months and when my favorite protein powder (Jay Robb) ran out, I decided to give this one a try. I assumed it would be full of carbs since it was pea-based, but the nutritionals were pretty solid (5g carbs/15g protein per scoop). I still prefer Mr. Jay Robb, but this was pretty good. 
Frozen a couple minutes with a blob of crunchy peanut butter…what’s not to love? 
Quest Cravings Peanut Butter Cups. I love the Quest Bars, but I had yet to try the PB cups. After seeing all sorts of raves online, I ended up buying some. I was hungry, there was a GNC next door to the hotel I was staying in, and my sweet tooth was raging. 

They are good, but not in a life-changing way. I probably wouldn’t buy them again unless I was under similar circumstances. I would of just preferred a quest bar or something similar. The texture is pretty crumbly and they do taste pretty similar to a “real” PB cup, but I’m not about to buy a case or anything. If you have a thing for PB cups and are watching sugar and carbs, they are worth a try. 
Pronto! concentrated liquid coffee. I actually got this in my Goodies box (more about that thing below). I really liked the concept since I don’t appreciate making/cleaning a coffee pot for one person (when my husband and I have different schedules) and I don’t like shelling out major $$ for iced coffee during the week. 
from the website
I was NOT happy about the Hazelnut flavor, since that nut really grosses me out, but I was desperate for a sip of coffee before an early workout and I gave it a whirl. Even with the Hazelnut flavor, I was a big fan. I immediately jumped on their website and scouted out the other flavors. In my world, iced coffee season is not coming to an end. Chicago weather can do what it likes, but I will continue to drink the iced good stuff. 

Since I mentioned the Goodies box, I will let you know what I think. I’m not a fan. I took photos of my previous boxes with the intention of giving a review, but I realized the food isn’t my style and I don’t really have much of anything positive to say. 

The Goodies box is $7 and the sizes are pretty small. Many of the products are actually labeled as “free samples” and don’t have the nutritional information. That is annoying. In the box above (August), I loved the pronto coffee and the the cookie-cracker (so good, probably not the best nutritionally), but the other stuff is not stuff I would eat.

Since every box is different, I decided to give it another month. September’s box included the following:

The contents were a bit better. Olives are a great salty snack that I can use for a salad and the apple chips were crushed up and sprinkled over cottage cheese mixed with flax, cinnamon, and stevia. The unique item was the Numi savory tea that I have yet to try. The idea of a savory tea is interested and definitely something I would want to try before buying a box. The Zone bar is filled with sugar and chemicals and the flavored water tastes like chemicals. Kashi crisps are still in my pantry. Marginally better, but nothing I need to have in my life. I cancelled my subscription because I really prefer the contents of Love with Food
Those are my comments from the peanut gallery. Iced coffee stick, protein PB cups, pea protein, and a cheese koozie. Totally normal. 
Thoughts on hazelnut flavor? 

Anyone tried a savory tea? 
  • Christina

    hahaha a string cheese koozie. that is fantastic. i love string cheese. great snack option, esp with some nuts. i don’t ever like hazelnut flavored stuff for some reason. weirds me out. but speaking of nutty coffee, i had some toasted almond coffee from dunkin donuts and loooooved it.

  • Catherine Crain

    I recently ordered a Love with Food box from one of their FB promos. It should arrive any day now…I’m excited to get it because of your reviews. If I decide to subscribe to it, I’ll go through your link!