Spending Christmas 8K Miles Apart

This year’s Christmas is a little different for us. 
Can you spot the difference? 
Left-his, Right, hers. (Please note the sizes of American coffee vs. South Africa)

My husband is in Cape Town, and I am here in Chicago. He is in his final year of business school and has a nice long holiday break, so we made the decision to spend the holidays apart. We happen to have families that are a little bit spread out, so it is something that we have to deal with. I am blessed to have amazing in-laws and I’m pretty sure my husband feels the same about my family, but it is always a hard decision to decide what we are doing for the holidays. Now that I sit down to think about it, we have spent every Christmas together since 2007.

I was keeping myself pretty busy with work and friends last week, but yesterday I really started to miss him. The house is a bit quiet and I miss having someone to come home to. Right now I am coming home to Pretty Little Liars and a blanket on the couch.

Here is a flash down memory lane.

Christmas Break, 2006
Christmas Day, 2006 (I got food poisoning about 5 hours after this photo on the plane ride home)

Christmas Day, 2007

Christmas Break, 2007

Christmas Day, 2011 – Lunch at church in Maine with a creepy Santa

Last year was an incredible experience- we went to Mauritius for the holidays with my in-laws and all stayed in a villa together!

Christmas Eve Dinner, 2012
Christmas Holiday, 2012

Posts recapping the our holiday in Mauritius are HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Clearly, we’ve had some amazing holiday seasons together, and I look forward to many more in the years ahead. Although I wish we were together, I have to remember that this special time happens once a year, so I have LOTS to look forward to. 
Are you traveling this holiday season? Where to? I am headed to Maine to visit my family on Tuesday morning! 
  • http://www.createliveblog.com/ Carly @ Createlive

    Deciding how to do holidays once you have found your other half can be so hard! I totally understand. Hope you have a great time with your family though!
    P.S. Sorry, but… pretty sure his coffee photo wins. ;-)

  • http://www.wearing-pearls.com/ Dana

    Have a great time with your family! Its always hard to decide where to go for the holidays, especially when both families are so spread out. We’re staying in NYC this Christmas for the second year in a row, which I love, but I also really miss my family in CA.

  • Britt sturty

    Your precious family is warm and beautiful. I agree, spending holidays away from the ones you love is not ideal, but perhaps doing it helps us to appreciate them more in the long run. I love how you reminisce your affection for one another. Many good thoughts to you both on Christmas!

  • Meghan

    You two are adorable! I hope you both have a wonderful holiday!

  • http://www.magmilerunner.com/ Maggie

    Awww :( I’m sorry to hear that you two are apart for Christmas. Will you be together for New Years? When my husband enlisted, we spent the first 7 months apart (there were a few weekends when we were able to see each other for a few hours or a a couple days) and that included being apart on my birthday and Thanksgiving (which was also his birthday that year). Luckily he came home (for good) a few days before Christmas. But I can definitely relate to what it feels like to come home and he’s not there and you know he’s not coming home.