Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Scenes from the Weekend

You know when you think you look good and then life give you a little reminder that you are still your same awkward self? I know that drill. 

After I posted this selfie on Instagram, I hit up Starbucks before heading into the office. Fast forward a couple hours and my coffee is cold. I head to the kitchen and stick it in the microwave. I introduce myself to a colleague and get chatting....coffee is forgotten and has exploded all over the microwave. Awesome. I clean it up and make myself a new cup. Since I was working out of a different office, I need assistance figuring out the coffee machine. Finally I get a cup and right when I take a sip, I realize the lid isn't secured. Guess who was wearing their coffee down the front of their blouse? I wiped down my shirt with a wet towel and put my hair in front of the stain until I dug my scarf out of my luggage. 

Fast forward to the end of the day. I untuck my coffee stained blouse, throw on my Uggs and headed back to the airport. I was booked on the last flight out and to my delight, my phone started buzzing with delay notifications. 

Currently, I am 0/2 with Pittsburgh flights on Friday nights.  The airport just refuses to get me back to Chicago at a decent hour. I hit up Bar Symon and enjoyed a glass of wine. When I realized I had to head to the gate, the server suggested a to-go cup. Genius.

Once I got to the gate, there were more delays (womp, womp).  Finally, I boarded the place with my to-go cup. The gate agent approved, the flight attendant in the front of the plane approved, but when I got to my seat, I was scolded by a flight attendant that hated fun. He asked what was in my glass and I sheepishly admitted the obvious. He made me do the walk of shame to the back of the plane and go into the bathroom and dump it. As I walked down the aisle, strangers were encouraging me to chug it. I went to the bathroom, took a large sip and dumped the rest. 

After a quick wine-less flight, we landed in Chicago and sat for 40 minutes on the runway. O'Hare in the winter, doesn't get better! I finally got home around 11:30, shoved a bowl of cereal in my face and went to bed. 

I slept in on Saturday. I actually slept more on Friday night than I did the past two nights combined. It felt fantastic. I intended to do a Daily Burn in my building's fitness center, but there were far too many people in there, so I stuck in my headphones and did an interval workout on the treadmill and did those terrible burpees

Saturday I had a date night with the big guy. We went to The Dawson

I really wanted to like this place, but I didn't. I will leave it at that. Maybe we hit it on an off night? 

We walked home in the snow and got those steps in our fitbit. 

Sunday morning was Shred415. I have been wanting to try this for so long and finally made it up there. Last weekend was my first class (slightly hungover) and this week was class number 2. I'm a fan and I will be posting a proper review soon. 

from their website
from their website
Sunday was also football. Apparently that calls for a little Bloody Mary action...

Sunday night my husband talked me into signing up for a 7AM Flywheel. I wasn't loving that decision at 6AM on a holiday. I actually had some work to tackle, so I worked from home. 

That means I marinated in my sweaty Flywheel clothes for a couple hours, drank an entire pot of coffee, ate overnight oats in an old peanut butter jar, and showered around 11AM and worked the next couple hours in my bathrobe. 

I finished up a bit early and met up with my husband to see Dallas Buyers Club. The movie is incredible. If you haven't been to the movies lately, I suggest you get on it. American Hustle, Wolf of Wall Street, and Dallas Buyers Club all get an enthusiastic thumbs up from yours truly. 

Favorite thing on a Bloody Mary bar? pickles

Least favorite airport? O'hare is working its way onto my bad side. 


Katie @ Peace Love & Oats said...

Oh I hate ohare, I'm a southwest/midway girl for sure! Not sure what airport is my least favorite, they tend to blend together. I just hate really small ones with no food, haha like Charleston... I was delayed there once for 6 hours! They aren't big on gluten free options...

Christina said...

ok i'm mad at the flight attendant for ruining the fun, especially when everyone else clearly wanted to let you party! rude! thanks for reminding me i need to order a new lucy celebrates phone cover!

skinnyrunner said...


Lauren @ Lauren Runs said...

Ditto on the Midway/Southwest being a good airport! And kudos to you for getting the 'burp's in!

Meredith May said...

Chicago O'Hare has the worst consecutive (or record) delays in history! My boyfriend flies there for work once a month and we've experience countless delays :( Fave bloody mary bar mix-in is steak sauce....getting crazy!

Maggie said...

So bloody marys are the secret to enjoying football??? I will have to try this out.

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

I found these pickled brussels sprouts that are AMAZING in Bloody's! And pickled green beans. Yum!

Meghan said...

Your morning episode with the coffee sounds like something that would happen to me - except, all day long, I'd have teenagers asking me what happened.

From Shred to Flywheel to DBC, this post contained so many things I love:) Can't wait to read your review of Shred - I absolutely loved it, and one of my high school friends now started teaching there. I have yet to take his class though, so I need to make a return to the city and do so.

Hope all is well!

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