Monday, January 20, 2014

Shopping > Blogging

I'm a blogging delinquent.

Every time I open my laptop with the intention of writing a post, I end up online shopping. It is a problem.

1. a little red number from asos
2. enamel initial bangles from Mr. C.Wonder  (on sale!)
3. a little #celfie action

I have been meaning to write an update on my womanly health, my thoughts on Advocare's 24 Day Challenge, and some new workouts I've tried in Chicago. I will get there, but it may be a little slow. Apologies.

Until then, happy shopping. There is something about this freezing cold weather that makes me crave wine and shopping with the click of my mouse (a problematic combo).

If you want more Sierra, you can always catch me on Instagram because even when I am too lazy to type, I cannot resist posting pictures.

I also am a Yelper, so if you want my two cents, you know where to get it.

What posts do you find most entertaining? Honest/personal stuff? Products? Fitness? Recipes and food? 


jessica said...

Yes, pretty please post about your thoughts on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge!

Brynn Guster said...

I just purchased the C. Wonder bracelet this weekend. The cold weather is making me read, and consume cup upon cup of coffee and tea.

Christina said...

love that red dress. and you know i love the c wonder bangles.

Leonor said...

I was wondering if you posted your thoughts on the advocare challenge and I missed it!

MMN said...

Hoping to hear your thoughts on Advocare. I'm on day 8 right now...

Valerie said...

Those initial bangles are SO cute! I can never seem to find anything in my initial..ugh!

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

I like your daily routine posts!

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