Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sierra the Yelper

Have you used Yelp?

from Yelp's website
If so, you know how wonderful it is.

If not, get on it. MAJOR game changer.

I got really into Yelp when I moved to DC to intern for a summer back in college. I shared a sublease with a random roommate in Clarendon, and I didn't know where a single thing was. I didn't know where the grocery store was, where the dry cleaner was, and where I would take my boyfriend (now husband) when he came to visit me on the weekends from Cleveland. Yelp was a total lifesaver and made my summer transition seamless.

When I moved to Cape Town, yelp was non-existent, so I went on a little Yelping hiatus. After 4 years of yelplessness, I moved back to the US and was excited to see the growth of the crowdsourcing platforms like Yelp. Another exciting development? I would be moving to a big, vibrant city with hundreds of thousands of reviews on anything and everything.

Although I use yelp all the time, I'm also a giver. That's right. I drop in and give my two cents by writing reviews and uploading pictures. In fact, I got that coveted Yelp Elite status last year.

Apparently I've got a lot of opinion that I put out there. My hope is that it helps others. The city is full of businesses, and as a new Chicagoan, I know that having REAL recommendations and inside scoop makes a huge difference. 

This Yelp elite crew is also pretty social and hosts some cool get-togethers around the city. 

I also have a handful of real life friends that share the yelp love. I am pretty outgoing, but I still like to coordinate yelp events with a couple friends so I have a crew.

me, Carly from Createlive, Maggie from MagMileRunner
I also got hooked up with some tube socks. You can't buy these bad boys, they were earned.
Yelp Swag
What is the point of this post? Well, two things.

1. If you use Yelp, I encourage you to give back. Write a review, upload a picture, be a contributor. This platform is based on giving and receiving, so go ahead and take a couple minutes to share your opinion.

2. Be my friend! HERE is my profile. The cool thing about linking up with friends on Yelp is that when you look at reviews, your friends will automatically show up on the top of the list of reviews. I love checking out what my friends think of a place, especially in a city like Chicago with so many amazing restaurants to try.

Last weekend I had two fabulous dinners: Dusek's and Davanti Enoteca. Want the details? Head over to my yelp page and see the how the stars stacked up.


Kelly Janowski said...

I love Yelp! The Elite parties are the best.

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

I love Yelp, but I have to admit I rarely review. I need to get on that!!!

Meredith May said...

Woo hoo! #yelpelite

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