Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Almost Famous

Well this is weird, but I'm going to go with it.

There's this book.

It is a long story, but basically, I'm in it.  Anyone read it? It is an inside look at the hotel industry and it is highly entertaining. I knew the book was being written (I know the author), but I had NO IDEA I was going to be making an appearance.

As soon as I found out there were characters based on my husband and I, I ripped through the book to find us. Anyone care to take a guess on which characters we are? Names have been changed, details have been nudged here and there, but it is us.

Here's my friend Jake chatting with Barbara Walters

& here is Jake giving you some travel tips 

Go read it! 


Nina said...

I've actually been wanting to read this - but have never picked up a copy!

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

How cool! Now I have to read it.

Nancy said...

I'm interested in reading about what part you "play" in the book.
Watching him with Barbara Walters definitely was an eye-opener. But then
again, I worked in housekeeping (at a hospital) so I've seen some not
so cleanliness stuff going on too. Ewww.

aleece said...

I'm gonna read it now!!! can't wait

Cori said...

Just bought it for my Kindle! Summer reading time, woot!

Whitney said...

WOW. I cannot wait to read!

aleece said...

I just got to you guys in the book!!!!

Cori said...

Love the book and its great to know the Bekkers are as nice as us readers thought they were, in real life! Thanks for the book suggestion!

julie said...

The Bekkers, those who buy friends

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