Almost Famous

Well this is weird, but I’m going to go with it.

There’s this book.


It is a long story, but basically, I’m in it.  Anyone read it? It is an inside look at the hotel industry and it is highly entertaining. I knew the book was being written (I know the author), but I had NO IDEA I was going to be making an appearance.

As soon as I found out there were characters based on my husband and I, I ripped through the book to find us. Anyone care to take a guess on which characters we are? Names have been changed, details have been nudged here and there, but it is us.

Here’s my friend Jake chatting with Barbara Walters

& here is Jake giving you some travel tips 
Go read it! 
  • Nina

    I’ve actually been wanting to read this – but have never picked up a copy!

  • Katie @ Live Half Full

    How cool! Now I have to read it.

  • Nancy

    I’m interested in reading about what part you “play” in the book.
    Watching him with Barbara Walters definitely was an eye-opener. But then
    again, I worked in housekeeping (at a hospital) so I’ve seen some not
    so cleanliness stuff going on too. Ewww.

  • aleece

    I’m gonna read it now!!! can’t wait

  • Cori

    Just bought it for my Kindle! Summer reading time, woot!

  • Whitney

    WOW. I cannot wait to read!

  • aleece

    I just got to you guys in the book!!!!

  • Cori

    Love the book and its great to know the Bekkers are as nice as us readers thought they were, in real life! Thanks for the book suggestion!

  • julie

    The Bekkers, those who buy friends